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The Importance of Learning Unix...

As we continue to learn the Linux operating system, we have learned that we cannot ignore one important fact.  Linux is a Unix-like operating system.  If you are a newbie to Linux, as we are, it will soon become apparent that most of the Linux books lack some very imortant information, a framework of basic Unix knowledge that is essential to really getting the most out of your Linux experience.

We have come from a DOS/Windows environment and the prospect of learning Unix seemed daunting.  However we are finding that even though it may be slow going at first, learning Unix can be enjoyable and is even starting to make more sense than DOS commands.   We will not proclaim ourselves experts, we will likely never be, but we have been learning some of the essential Unix framework commands which allow us to manuever through the file system and learn how Linux is set up.

There are a few ways to learn about Unix/Linux.  The cheapest way (FREE!!!) is to enroll in Macmillan Digital Publishing's Computer Reference Personal Bookshelf.  After filling out a form you can "check out" a wide selection of computer books, including several on Unix, that you can read online for free.  Another way is to check out ZDUniverity.   For a relatively small enrollment fee you can choose from several courses for which you can earn CEU's.  There are currently two courses on Unix that use RedHat Linux 5.2 as the course software.

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