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Learnin' Links

General Links about Linux
Erik's Page About Linux
Fun Linux Links
How To's
Linux for Users
Linux International
Linux Filesystem Hierarch Standard
Gnome Project
Linux Now
Linux Resources
Linux Web Watcher
Linux World
The Linux Homepage at Linux Online
ZD Net's Linux Homepage

Linux/Unix Links to Learn By

A beginners guide to vi and ex
A guide to two of the more common text editors that you can find in nearly all Linux and Unix systems. (Yes it is archaic, but you will be thankful for vi in a pinch)
Basic Linux Training
A free course on basic Linux.
Computer Reference (Macmillan Digital Publishing)
Sign up for your own personal bookshelf and learn from dozens of information technology books online.  Pretty good section on Linux and Unix.
Linux Documentation Project
Linux How To: Index
Linux Installation and Getting Started
Mastering the VI editor

Programming Links

C Programming
The C Coders Homepage

Fun Links

Star Wars -ASCII-animation
A fun site where the first Star Wars film is set in ASCII-animation. (You've got to see it to believe it!)
User Friendly the Comic Strip: Daily Static

Other Links of Interest

The Narrow Way
Come and visit our other page.
AltaVista Translations newaf.gif (147 bytes)
Translate a letter or even a whole website into or from several popular foreign languages.

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