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Still crazy about Linux after all these months!!!!!

Well we have been Learnin' Linux now for three months and in that time we have learned a lot about the insides of our computer, the basic concepts of Unix/Linux, and most of the other things we need to get around.  The only techinical problem we keep experiencing is our continued trouble getting an internet connection up and running.  But we will keep trying.  After all of this and after having been driven absolutely nuts......we are still crazy about Linux.

We are both born again Christians (check out our other site, The Narrow Way) and in the near future, we will be scanning the web looking for other Christian Linux users and maybe even see if there is any interest in a Christian Linux users group via e-mail lists or forum.   Just a thought.

What ever you do don't get discouraged with Linux.  If you get too frustrated, step away and do something else for awhile.  Prayer and reading your Bible our good choices which you should be spending more time on anyway.   Then when you are ready, come back and try again, it is the only way you will ever learn.

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